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We will put together a plan of what videos will best suit your business. We can even script out your videos so that your message is punchy and to the point.


Rest assured that we have all the gear for your video shoot – from cameras that shoot in 4k, jibs, tripods, lights and audio, we are well equipped! We even have a teleprompter for you to read your scripts from, so you can focus on getting your message across!


With our full time editors at Visible Video, editing is quick and efficient. No more waiting for months for your videos! Your videos will be finalised on time so you can start your video marketing sooner.


Our interactive feedback tools make it a breeze for you to collaborate with us. Simply write the comments and changes directly onto your video so we know exactly what you want changed.


Simply send in a high-res image of your logo and we can create a professional animation, so that your branding comes across well over all of your videos.

Your Business Card Video

Let everyone know who you are and what you do, with your business card video.

Promo Videos

Promotional videos are an effective tool for growing your business, and have been proven to increase click through rates and customer engagement. Make it easy for your customers to know your products or services with an entertaining promo video.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are a great way to showcase your business. Rather than the traditional written testimonials, a great way to stand out is to record your customers on video. This way, others will be able to connect with someone who has already done business with you on a much deeper level than reading words on a page.

Training Videos

Corporate videos are also an exceptional replacement for training and onboarding manuals. Instead of having your new employees flick through hundreds of pages, you can have them review a series of on-brand videos that deliver your message in a fraction of the time.

Modern Corporate Photography

Whether you’re looking for professional head shots, location stills or a showcase of your products or services, Visible Video can deliver everything you need to make the best impression.

Best yet, photographs don’t have to be just static images hosted on your website or on printed collateral. These days, high-quality photographs are perfect to use in time-lapse, HDR or moving still videos.

FAQ Videos

Ever get the same question over and over? Why not record of them as videos, which you can then  aslo use on youTube to establish yourself as an expert and rive more traffice to you website?